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‘Teacher’ a title earned

Being a dance teacher is not an easy road. Its not always sunshine and roses. There is the hard trail of understanding, consideration, care and guidance all rolled into one. Its not just about ‘fun’ and ‘sitting in a routine of comfort’. After more than 40 years of teaching dancers, i still learn from my students as much as they learn from me. I continue to thrive amongst my fellow teachers and open up to new methods, new ways to instruct, and challenges to become an even better teacher. Sure i cannot move as i did through constant body pain, but it dosent stop the passion or desire to instil knowledge. I always say that “I taught you all the ‘you know’ but not all that ‘I know’... that way you can discover your own path as well. A teacher is a learned art, being a great teacher is forging the mould for your students to grow. Its not about you, being the ‘winner’ or a ‘celebrity’, being humble in graciousness when students achieve a milestone is your quiet reward. All you ever need is to see a goal made for the long hours, effort spent in getting that student to achieve a movement. Maybe they learnt to do just a single pirouette without falling, maybe landing in 1st position from a sauté without rolling ankles and knees....that is what we do. I am one of those many teachers who quietly watch their students move on to greater things, proud of their achievements, proud to have sown the seed of dance in their heart. The small suburban dance studio that has watched fancy studios, full time schools pop up on every corner, but the true passion lies in making a non dancer, a dancer. Full time schools polish and prepare students for a professional career, but the suburban school, taught them how to dance. Painstakingly, forging the rough diamond into shining promise for the full time school to polish. Dont underestimate the suburban dance school, we give them the tools to build a future in this beautiful art form. I am the teacher who accepts all who come through my small studio door to learn, no auditions, no selection, no just the talented ones, no demands on body size....all are entitled to be able to join a dance studio. The greatest gift you can ever give your first dance teacher is just “Thank you”and acknowledgement that they lit the fire within you to pursue your dreams. I proudly say, I am and wear with pride, the title; “Dance Teacher”

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