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RVDA "There is no place like home"

It is so wonderful to see our studio buzzing with excitement for the new year. The joy all the staff feel when students enter class with smiles on their faces. It is now RVDA's 38th year and its a great milestone to reach after years of giving your all to those that seek dance.

Everybody speaks of "passion, dedication, fun" when advertising their school, but it is much much more to us. It is a way of living to the fullest and giving to your students the same 'heart' in building their self esteem, confidence and be a part of something truly special. The world of dance....... as director of the Academy I have seen dancers come and go, return and stay or just call me on their phone to let me know how they are doing. My heart swells with pride when I am not forgotten as their mentor. A wonderful quote is "I've taught you everything you know, but I haven't taught you everything I know" Over the years that I have been dedicated to live the life of a dancer and now teacher, I am even more wiser, knowledgeable with an endless well of information on the beautiful art form of dance.

Why is RVDA great?.. it is because of the students that have been under our wings and then let loose to fly...maybe even grand jete or pirouette into the world, but our humble studio will always be home and a safe place to be or return to.

I am proud of the amazing staff and I am proud of way everyone gives their all. After-all...Riga Victoria Dance Academy's Trademark is "Dancing from the inside, out!"

Some of our contemporary class dancers

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