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TiddlySteps Dance Time



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TiddlySteps  Dance Time program is a culmination of RVDA’s years of experience and qualifications. It builds an excellent, exciting and innovative program of dance classes for our future little performers. RVDA has been training and guiding children since 1980 and now we have developed a wonderful program with our Junior school director; Ms Deborah Oates. She is an experienced child educator with over 30 years of early childhood learning. Together with our Academy’s Director; Ms Rita Eicens, they have developed a program to especially motivate and inspire all children to be little stars with big dreams.

So wonderful to have you join the RVDA family, where we can take your child on a journey from toddler right through to adulthood with grace, determination and an unquenchable zest for fun.

Your child will receive a quality dance education in a caring, fun environment, with classes featuring a choice of Ballet, Hippity Hop and Dance Programs




What is the TiddlySteps Dance Time Program about?

A dance and drama program designed and structured to give enjoyment to the 3-7 year old age group for both girls and boys that incorporates activities to develop co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm and musicality. The classes involve imagination, spontaneity, rhythm, spatial awareness, co-ordination, friendship and the building of confidence and independence. While all teaching is delivered with best practice in mind ie child centred, engaging and play based. Underpinning the program is a rigorous, thorough and age appropriate syllabus delivered by passionate and nurturing teachers.


What ages do you have?

Kinder level: 3-4yr old 

Primary: 5-7 yr old



What do they wear?

TiddlySteps Ballet and TiddlySteps Dance

Girls:  The TiddlySteps Pink uniform with pink tights and pink ballet shoes

Boys: Lime green Tiddly Steps T shirt and black bike shorts with white socks and Black ballet shoes



How long are the classes?

All classes run for 30 to 45 mins



Can I watch the classes?

Parent or guardian participation is required for the under 3 years

We encourage our little stars to dance independently from their parents wherever possible but we will work together with you and your child to establish this in a nurturing  environment. Our end goal is to have independent little dancers, without  parent supervision. Therefore avoiding distractions and excess noise in class, so that your child can have a calm, totally unencumbered space in which their full focus can be on the class teacher.

We know how much joy it brings to watch your child’s progress throughout the year, so  TiddlySteps Dance Time have  viewing days for you, at teachers discretion and end of each term. At any stage, should you wish to view your child’s progress, simply approach our friendly  teachers  and we are more than happy to have you observe a class.



What is the cost?

Class fees are:

​Tiddlysteps Kinder Ballet (3-4 yr old) = $165.00 one class weekly per school term

Tiddlysteps Pre Primary/Primary Ballet6  (4-7 yr old)

1 weekly class per school term = $165.00

2 weekly classes per school term = $330.00 (children that chose to do 2 classes weekly)

Enrolment  & Registration fee (NEW STUDENTS) includes  TiddlySteps Tee Shirt
payment of $85/student, $160/family (for 2 or more sibling)

Annual Registration fee (CURRENT STUDENTS)
payment of $40/student , $70/family (for 2 or more sibling)


Do you Have a Concert or Performance?

Although not compulsory for littlies, we arrange various productions throughout the year. The Toddler and Kinder Class Children are given the option to perform at our end of year concert featuring all of the Academy's dancers, which is always a highlight. The TiddlySteps Dance Time Primary Ballet / Dance and Hippity Hop are also automatically included in the Academy’s end of year performance but again, it is not compulsory. The TiddlySteps Dance Time classes also have their own presentation afternoon to which they get to show their skills in a class for you, as well as have a presentation of certificates for class participation – a great way to end their dance year!




Class descriptions

TIDDLYSTEPS BALLET (Kinder level ages 3-4yrs )

Kinder level

TiddlySteps dance Time Preschool Program offers an engaging

selection of movement and dance classes. These classes are

designed to introduce both girls and boys to the art form of

ballet in a creative and inspirational environment.

Children get to explore the world of dance and performance,

through the fun and endearing motion of the TiddlySteps

Ballet program. The structured fun class is designed to give

enjoyment to the pre school 3-4-year-old age group.

It helps to develop co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills,

rhythm and musicality. Most importantly, the class provides a time to have fun whilst

learning how to be a Ballet dancer with ballet basics and creative movement gently included and blended with bright and classic music. All this to create a special atmosphere for the pre-school dancer. The class develops imagination, spontaneity, rhythm, co-ordination, friendship and most of all confidence whilst having a really fun time.



Pre Primary/ Primary 

Children learn to do everything with a little more care and

detail, but with just as much enjoyment. Class commences

after the fun warm up to include placed centre exercises

in which children are taught how to stand tall as a beginning

to good posture and equilibrium. Gentle introduction

of 'turnout', stretching of the toes and use of arms

are encouraged. Basic theory content is included.

Imaginative exercises combined with improvisation

to music helps to develop linking skills and freedom

of movement.



Pre Primary/ Primary 

Children learn to do everything with a little more care and

detail, but with just as much enjoyment. Class commences

with a warm up that builds upon the skills gained from the

kinder class, using different genres including Jazz dance,

gymnastics (e.g. circus theme) and creative movement.

Each week classes also contain a strong Classical Ballet

element to continue developing good posture, equilibrium,

foot articulation, arm placement and gentle introduction

of 'turnout'. Other elements include: drama, improvisation

and use of props.





Why choose us?

Because for over 40 years, we have been in the business of teaching dance, with highly qualified, experienced staff in a caring nurturing environment, also your little one can grow with us. Engaging their imagination, social skills and above all dance like their favorite stars. We have been holding pre-school dance and ballet classes in the Northern Suburbs since 1980 and continue to be leaders in training teachers. All you need to do is pop in for a trial to see  excellence in the TiddlySteps Dance Time program, for your child  to experience the joy of dance  We look forward to welcoming you in becoming one of our extended Riga Victoria Dance Academy family that has spanned over 40 plus years .

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Term 1 commences
from Saturday 3rd February 2024
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