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SHOWCASE 2017 is near

Going back to the early days in the 80's when the Academy always held a mid year production as well as floorshows and entertainment evenings. The aim of all dance students is the chance to be able to grace the stage or to perform, not only to the public but friends and family. It is this opportunity we give to have an easy night, where everyone can see what is taught in our daily classes and than transposed to the stage. It might be a smaller venue and stage, but the intimate atmosphere will bring the dancers and audience closer together.

Organizing a performance is tedious and difficult, but my joy is the students and watching them progress as a team. Not only is it a social activity, it creates focus, passion and determination to do well. The last class that I was teaching, it was enormous pride to see the team work and encouragement they were giving each other. It was such a joy to see. Anyway, the days are ticking by and soon Sunday the 2nd of July will be here and itll be another fun night. I am hoping that everyone will support the dancers, as it really means a lot to them to have that applause echoing in their ears well after a show.

Showcase 2017 at the Rivergum Theatre Bundoora on Sunday 2nd July

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