Performance Time

The tough time for most dance schools is 'performance time", its that moment when all hard work done throughout the year is put on display for parents, friends and families.

Organizing a performance can be easy or it can be hard. The choice lies with the principal of the school. Now it may be that there is only one or multiple school owners and should you wish the performance to be entertaining for the audience, exciting for the dancers and creative to keep everyone interested. This is my 37th annual end of year performance I have organised, it not only involves budgeting for costumes (of which I have purchased or had made) which should always be of an outstanding quality. Timing music creating the story line, then casting all the students. You need to make it fair so not always pick the same students for leads, reward those that do multiple classes and whose attendance has been exceptional. You need to make sure siblings perform on the same evening, make considerations for students that any be graduating from school and cannot dance a certain night. Once that part is done, time your show and dance numbers to make sure they dont go over the time limit thats set. Arrange a stage manager who can envisage your final show. Book scenery and backdrops, then also complete video projection that you may need. Book hire trucks and transport for everything.

Once the majority of that is done, start to work on the Program and arrange photo sessions with a running sheet. Meanwhile plan the choreography and give your teachers the run down of what they need to do in their classes. Yep, its a fun time for students and even though I am finding the job more and more difficult as years go by, I have never quit or let down the students.

I can either do it easy, by just letting each class do a 'routine' and slap together a lot of items.....or I can create a story that will be a remembered and loved for years to come.

I am my own worst enemy, but that is why the Academy is much more than dance classes, its a family or like minded people that forge strong friendships based around the word of dance.

I am a creator, a dreamer and my all is given back yearly to my students for that simple word of "thank you"..."you make me so happy when I can dance and be a part of R.V.D.A"

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