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Dance is what we Focus on

Its strange how you look at the number of dance schools out in the world at the moment. Can you ask if they are really just about 'Dance" or are they out to be big money spinners only?

Im so glad that RVDA is a dance school that is just that a "Dance" school. Its so amazing to see the students that grew up with us in our small, unique studio to now be either dancing in a professional situation, teaching somewhere and sharing the love they learnt at RVDA or have opened their own dance school. It is with such pride to think that RVDA's tuition thrives through these previous members and now pass on what was an RVDA experience.

Go ahead and ask your teacher where they learnt and studied, right up to their teenage and beyond years. You will be surprised to hear Riga Victoria Dance Academy. We rock and always will.... boo yaaaaa to a fantastic 36 years of Dance!

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