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Why Choose Us?

There is such a plethora of dance schools around now, offering pre-school classes to advanced levels. A thought comes to mind as to why chose Riga Victoria dance Academy over the others that are in our area. It may be a complex answer but it is simple in terms of what we do. Everyone states, "passion, fun, no exams, free trials" etc When in reality it boils down to what you can actually give to the child or student in the way of "training". I whole heartedly believe that you have to actually "teach' them to dance, learn and master steps with patience in regards to the anatomical variations of the individual. I abhor places that dont actually 'teach' but get their students to copy a dance for per formance purposes from the get go. Its a case of monkey see, monkey do, and thats NOT what we are about.

Patience, persistence, trial and error. Sure its not easy, thats why many give up and some say 'im bored' or 'its too slow' that is due to not comprehending where dance comes from.

After 37 years running Riga Victoria Dance Academy, its about the dancers and teachers as a whole. Favoritism does not take part, nor does anyone be above another. All are individuals and all are important.

So why choose us?...because experience, longevity, knowledge, care, trust and dedication, including friendships, challenge, fun and being part of a well established dance program cannot be overlooked. We must have been doing something right to have dancers return to their dance family: Riga Victoria dance academy.

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