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 A condensed description of  classes  


Enrico Cecchetti Method of CLASSICAL BALLET (C.B.A.) world renowned.

                        to read about this method of classical ballet. 


Students learn to do everything with a little more care, and just as much enjoyment. Class commences after the warm up with placed centre exercises to gain equilibrium. Gentle introduction of 'turnout' and use of arms are encouraged. Students are taught to stand tall as a beginning to good posture. Basic theory content is included.


Grade 1 to 6 Classical Ballet

An accomplishment in these levels is grasping the French terminology of exercises.

A strong firm stance is required with a gaining of control of the abdominal muscles.

Concentration and self discipline is also beginning to develop. Barre work helps to learn the control the shoulders and placement of legs and feet. Students need to master all the skills required for each level before attempting exams (optional) or progressing to the next level. Grooming by this stage should be immaculate as it is imperative for corrections and with in keeping of the traditions of classical dance.


Majors (Intermediate and above)

In these levels students begin to work through the class like a professional dancer. Besides mastering the set exercises, students need to have a sound ability in theory and a sense of performance, technical ability, be proficient in unseen exercises and demonstrate the work with confidence and knowledge within her or his physical capacity. All students must have a strong posture, with articulate feet and legs, beautifully extended arms and most important a presentation of exercises without strain or tension.


These classes incorporate funk, jazz, hip hop and current moves as performed in video music clips. Students are encouraged to take a technical class of another style (Classical or Modern) in conjunction with a Jazz / Funk class in order to have a basic understanding, co-ordination and correct execution of movement.


HIPPITY HOP JAZZ (5yrs and up)

Hippity Hop Jazz is a fun and energetic class for little beginners. These classes combine the basics of jazz dance with the style and attitude of hip hop. A great place start to learning co-ordination rhythm and musicality.


HIP HOP (Street Dance)

Hip Hop was introduced into the Academy 2009. The hip hop work commences in the preparatory levels to teach young children the basics of Hip Hop in a fun learning environment right up to senior levels to challenge young dancers in 'street dance', as is popular in today's culture. They include, popping, locking and floor work.  Hip Hop is as seen in rap music videos,


An earthy relaxed style, individuality and freedom of movement as given by the teacher of the class. Grounded and syncopated, contemporary varies from static to continuous and flowing movements. It encourages internal awareness and spatial orientation without following a set structure. Performed in bare feet by students in Grade 3 level  and above.


A popular class that involves song and dance, drama, voice projection and stage craft. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and imagination. Students develop their own choreography and learn the correct way to put steps together.  Drama, mime and acting abilities are sharpened. 

Students wishing to enrol in this class must also be attending a technical dance class of  another genre.



An exercise class designed around Pilates and Yoga asanas for the benefit and enhancement of dancers' technique. This class focuses on deep muscle work, including mat and barre compnenets, making it accessible for non-dancers to attend. Developing strength, flexibility and a calmness of mind, the person comes closer to creating balance in the body. Class varies in content and approach.


A fun and challenging class Acro  combines dance techniques with acrobatics moves.  Classes are structured to enhance strength, balance and agility through a series of exercises using mats. Students will learn a foundation of: splits, back walkovers, round offs and handstands; to hand springs, cartwheels, forward rolls, tucks and flips. Being able to add excitement to free dance routines, Acro broadens the students capabilities.


From the early days, where names such as  Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly bring to mind the flamboyant tap sequences. Today there is such an interest in Tap with shows such as Stomp, Dynamite Man, 42nd Street etc. Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater.


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