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Been such a fabulous journey. The Academy reaching 36 years was something I never envisioned, but here we are 36 years down the track and still going strong. I totally understand about the line "age shall not weary them" but... age has its downfalls. It means as a teacher you have to slow down a bit so your body can keep up. My spirit is always willing but the bones and muscles always raise an argument. Best thing is, keep your mind strong, accept that you cannot do as much as you used to and hand the reins over to the "young blood". Its an opportunity of discovery and even if Im floundering like the proverbial fish out of water (all be it with a zimmer frame beckoning me in the future) I will not go down without a fight.

Bring on the challenges, wave that red flag coz this Artistic Director is not going to wave a white flag or stop after the checkered flag.... I am all revved up and pushing the pedal to the metal in my Woolsely (well Hyundai)

Hang onto the barre and watch the Academy flourish

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