Angelina classes are taught through an international network of top dance studios.

Your child will receive a quality dance education in a caring and fun environment, with classes featuring the stories and adventures of Angelina Ballerina™, plus all you’d expect in a great ballet class. 


The Angelina Ballerina™ Academy curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts especially to inspire little stars with big dreams.

The Angelina Ballerina™ Dance Academy TM classes follow and bring to life the adventures of Angelina Ballerina, a remarkable mouseling who is armed with grace, determination and an unquenchable zest for fun.

Our classes gently introduce your child to the world of dance and performance, through the fun and endearing Angelina Ballerina™ stories and music. Angelina Ballerina herself will make a surprise visit through the year.


Join in our favourite Angelina Ballerina song and dance activities to encourage your child to become a dancing star.


The structured fun class is designed to give enjoyment to the 3-4 year old age group. It helps to develop co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm and musicality.

Most importantly, the class provides a time to have fun whilst learning.

Children are encouraged to work on their own, without parental involvement which helps them to focus on the teacher's instructions. The class develops imagination, spontaneity, rhythm, co-ordination, friendship and most of all confidence. Ballet basics and creative movement are blended with music featuring Angelina Ballerina’s voice to create a special atmosphere for the beginning dancer.


All tiny tots bring an blank notebook or exercise book in which they receive stickers each week for encouragement.


Do you have a concert or performance?

Although not compulsory for littlies is our end of year production. 

The Angelina Class Children are given the option to perform at our end of year concert featuring all the Academy's dancers, which is always a highlight.

The Angelina classes also have their own presentation afternoon to which they get  to perform for you, as well as have Angelina visit to present the tiny dancers with their certificate. A great way to end their dance year.


Riga Victoria Dance Academy's aims for dancing tiny tots are:

To develop creativity

To develop awareness of oneself

To develop awareness of others

Discovery of space and time

To develop a sense of play and a sense of effort

Spaces are limited. Class is for 3yrs to 5yrs or our 2-3yr old class in which their favorite person (Mummy or Daddy or a guardian) attends with them and participates during class to help guide and encourage.

Get ready to dance

We have been leaders in pre-school dance classes since 1980 and with our  sound syllabus that has been within our Dance Academy makes for confident little dancers.

We proudly speak with pride of the many teachers that RIga Victoria produced, that are out in dance field teaching what they learnt while under the watchful eyes of the Academy.



Angelina Ballerina  Little Ballet classes  $130 per term (40 min class)

Angelina Ballerina Tiny Ballet $110 per term (30 min class)

Pre_Primary, Primary and Hippity Hop = $140 per term

$40 registration fee 

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